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About me

Honestlyreal is a blog and business name connected with me, Paul Clarke.

I write here about customer service, government, trends, games, memes and whatever else strikes me as worth giving a little more thought than it might at first glance.

Contact details

Email: p@ulclarke.com

Twitter: @paul_clarke

Skype: tweetbike

Flickr: paul_clarke

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Oh, what do I actually do? Lots of things…

Some of the more traditional ‘corporate’ blurb is below (there’s quite a bit of the other stuff that isn’t – just ask me about all that):

Paul’s core skill is the shaping of complex programmes within the public sector. In plain terms, this means getting to the heart of what a programme – or even an organisation – is trying to achieve, and ensuring that it it’s in a fit state to do so.

Paul has worked in many central government departments, in local authorities, areas of the MOD and in many government agencies. He has particular expertise in the governance and control mechanisms required when different areas of the public sector work together to achieve things.

His interests in the role of government, how technology is changing engagement and interaction, and in designing services for the future, have all been brought to bear in recent work.

He’s sometimes been spotted trying to demonstrate original thinking and innovation within the public sector, digital services and social media worlds. This sort of thing.

He also contributed one of the winning ideas to the government’s “Show Us A Better Way” competition for innovative uses of public information.

Skills areas:

– Strategic assessment and direction-setting
– Programme and portfolio management (the overall shaping of a number of programmes simultaneously)
– Organisational design and development
– Leadership development and coaching
– Risk analysis and management
– Management of change enabled by technology
– Communication and presentation

As a recent example, Paul held the role of Head of Strategic Proposition for Directgov on an interim basis, defining Directgov’s role and approach to many of the complex issues facing digital channels connecting government and the public. (Do ask me if you’re interested in other examples of specific client work).

By way of general background, Paul is a former “Big 4” management consultant, with experience of many large-scale, complex and sensitive programmes. He began his public sector career in local government as a senior manager with strategy and ICT responsibilities.

Since 2007 he has operated as an independent consultant, coach and strategist. He was educated as an engineer and economist, and works pro bono in the charitable, voluntary, educational and social media sectors.


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